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NPC Shop Edit

Interface Trade NPC

NPC Shop

  • Items for Sale
Start Trading
Click at a NPC you want to trade with and open his Shop by clicking on [Shop] I want to trade.
Buying Items
To buy an Item from a NPC right click on that item. If you have enough DIL with you and enough free space in your inventory the item will appear there. To buy a larger amount than offered left click on that item and set the amount you want to buy.
Selling Items
To sell an item right click on that item and confirm the procedure. To sell specific amount of items press SHIFT and left click on that item. Insert the amount you want to sell and confirm again.

Player Trade Edit

Interface Trade Player

Trading window player to player

  • Your offer
  • The offer of your partner
Offering an Item
To offer an item drag and drop it into the lower half of the trading window.
The upper half will shop the offer of your trading partner.
Complete Trade
To complete the trade confirm two times. After the first confirmation the Confir signal switches from grey to green.
Trading DIL
To trade DIL press Send at the lower right edge of the Inventory.

Personal Shop Edit

Interface Trade Personal

Personal shop window

  • Name of personal shop
  • Sales record
  • Income
A personal shop can only be opened in Ardeca.
Open Shop
To open a personal shop press the associated key. You can find more information about the default keys here.
Offering Items
Drag and drop an item into the shop window to offer it. Items that are bound to your character can not be traded. Choose a price and confirm. Now that the item is in the shop you have to open the shop by a single click on Open Shop.
Receive DIL
Once an item is sold. You can receive the income by clicking on Withdraw.

Agency Edit

Interface Trade Agency

Store search window

  • All items offered
Enter Agency
You can open the Agency Window trough one of the Middlemen in Ardeca.
Offered Items
The agency displays all offered items from all personal shops on any channel.
Buy Item
To buy an item from the agency click it and choose Buy it now to cancel click Confirm.
See more information
To see the specific characteristics of the item click at it and point on the preview.

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