The Seguriper is the male version of the segnale. However instead of focusing on support, the Seguriper focuses on crippling the enemy with a variety of debuffs, and then pummeling them with both physical and magical attacks.


  • Very Fun to Play
  • Many Useful Debuffs.
  • Great PK/PVP Class
  • Like Segnale has Healing skills and AOE Buffs
  • Mid - High Damage
  • Good Defense
  • Good Resistances
  • Cheap to Play
  • Serves as a Damage dealer and Supporter.


  • Slow Compared to other Classes
  • Not as Much Healing Skills compared to Segnale
  • Blood Skills are Really weak
  • Not many Useful AoE skills.


The Seguriper weapon is the



The Seguripers armor is lower than one would expect from a physical damage dealer. However the Seguripers strength lies in preventing the enaff

emy from attacking you by utilizing a horde of debuffs, as well as supporting himself with his self heal. A list of Seguriper armor can be found here.

Seguriper Armor

info source: dekaronevolution