=Spell Plume

Drops from:


Droprate: 0.025%

=Spell Sheen:

Drops from:

Deranged Messenger
Deranged Executor

Droprate: 0.02%

=Spell Coral

Drops from:

Deranged Blazing Kamat
Deranged Freezing Shadow

Drop rate: 0.02%

=Spell Amber

Drops from:

Deranged Eliaden
Deranged Forgery

Drop rate: 0.02%

Information is taken from client side files. Sure, the drop rate could be different server-side, but then they wouldn't bother to update client droptable too. Want to know what's the drop rate on a rare item that isn't already on the list? Leave your suggestion in the comments. Work in progress.

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