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Maximus in Ardeca


  • Level Requirement: 1

Sub QuestsEdit

Purifying Deneb River

I guess you want to know about the purification ritual for Deneb River, huh? The Deneb River is the long river running in front of this Marblai Fortress. Also known as the River of Tears and River of Life. Deneb River is believed to flow with mysterious water that has the power of the elemental fairies that created everything in this continent. Centuries ago, when the Grand Fall broke out and the otherworldly monsters spread their contamination to this realm, the river was contaminated, along with everything that needed its water to life.
What kind of ritual are they doing to purify the river?
I'm not interested in that story.
When it happened, no one dared get those to the contaminated river, but the magicians of the Incar Order discovered hope in Ardeca, the origin of the river some of the elemental fairies, that were thought to be extinct, survived the disaster. The Incar magicians then decided to join forces and use their elemental magic in Ardeca to purify Deneb River, where all life begins. If you want to join their purification ritual, go to Incar Guardian Knight Fionelle. She's providing equipment to adventurers that arc participating in the ritual.
I'm Guardian Knigh Fionelle of the Incar Order. I came here to Marblain Fortress assist our magicians in purifying Deneb.
Purifying Deneb River
Maximus must have sent you to me. Thank you for coming. We at the Incar Order welcome adventurers that can help us purify this Trieste Continent. Please take this equipment and fight the otherworldly creatures for the future of Trieste.
Thank you. I'll help purify Deneb River.


Purifying Deneb River

  • 30 EXP
  • Level 3 Pants


Purifying Deneb River

Blacksmith Maximus told you about he purification ritual for Deneb River, Please go to Fionelle and get the necessary equipment for the ritual.