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Create Edit

Interface Party Create

Party Window

  • Form Party
  • Search
Form Party
Press p to open the party window and choose Form Party. The Form Party dialogue opens and you can enter a slogan. Confirm with Ok or abort with Cancel. A party will also be created if you invite someone to party without having one.
See also Focus, Messenger and DK Square.

Join Edit

Choose Ok on a request to join the party. If you open the Party Window you can Search partys whose leader is using the auto recruitment feature. An overview will pop up and you can join any party listed by double click.

Edit Edit

Changes to the settings of party or inviting more members can only be done by the party leader

Interface Party Edit

Party Window changing settings

  • Edit
  • Settings (drop down)
  • Recruit
  • Leave Party
With Edit you can change the slogan.
There are four different settings for partys.
  • Default
The dropped items belong for 20 seconds to the party member that did the final hit on a monster.
  • In Turn
The dropped items will be distributed to the party members in a row.
  • Free for all
Anyone of the party can pick up the item. Items will be locked for 20 seconds to characters not belonging to the party.
  • Random
The items are distributed randomly to any party member.
Pass Lead
To pass the lead click on a party member and choose Delegate.
Kick from Party
To kick a character from party click on his name and choose Leave Party.
Leave Party
Leave the party or disband it if you are the last member. If you are the party leader and leave the party leadership will be given to one of the characters left.

Recruit Edit

Recruit Party allows to auto invite any player from any channel that fits your recruitment settings. To switch a channel you have to stop the auto recruitment.

Interface Party Recruit

Recruit Window

  • Map name
  • Level limitations
  • Class limitations
  • Auto invite
Start and Stop
Form a party. To start recruiting click Recruit in the party window. Adjust the settings and confirm. Recruiting will stop automatically if the party is full. To stop manually click at the golden glowing eye top right on your screen. And choose Abort.
Map Settings
Search party members for a specific instance or map
Level Settings
Control the minimum and maximum level that can join your party.
Job Settings
Choose or suspend any class auto recruited characters have.

Party Members Edit

The list gives an overview about the condition of each member of the party.

Interface Party List

Quick information about all members in the Party

  • Positive buffs
  • Negative buffs
  • Heal Points and shield
By clicking the small running man icon your character starts following the related character.
More Details
To get more details about the condition of each member click onto +.
Positive buffs are displayed below each character. Negative ones beside.
Hide List
To hide the List click on ?.

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