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Party Match - Description Edit

Interface Party Match


  • Avg Level
  • Mode
  • Map
  • Entry Fee
  • Time Limit of Battle
All characters joining a party-match will be teleported into an arna. To start a party-match the party-leader has to send a request to another party-leader. All members have to confirm via Ready or the match can not be started.
Avg Level
Average Level of characters in your party.
At the moment there is only one mode available. 2012-12-09
There are four different arenas to choose.
  • Undo Stadion
  • Oasis Cartell
  • Secret Arena in Norak
  • Helicita Coloseum
Entry Fee
Every joining player has to pay the adjusted entry fee. The complete amount will be split to the winning party members.
Time Limit of Battle
After the time ran out the party with most damage shared wins.
The requesting Party-Leader has to do the settings and Confirm at the top left. After that is done the members of both parties have to join by choosing Ready. After that the match can be started via Start.