Source NPCEdit

Siegfried in Ardeca


  • Level Requirement: 11

Sub QuestsEdit

Lost Soul Knights

"A long time ago, that bastion used to be an impenetrable fortress. We fought the Otherworld Demons from that stronghold, and it used to be the best fortress we Blue Knights had. My old friend Damoth was the commander of the bastion. Famous for his valor and leadership, he was considered one of the best commanders of all time. Everyone thought no one could penetrate the bastion as long as Damoth was in charge. But even the impenetrable fortress couldn't resist endless waves of those Otherworld Demons, and our castle couldn't send any reinforcements since we also had our own army of demons to fight It was inevitable that my friend Damoth and his Blue Knights were eventually defeated. Peace came back to the continent, but the bastion bad been changed. Damoh and his soldiers came back to life, but without their memories of being Human. Now they're just slaves under Karon's command. I don't want him to suffer like this, so please liberate bis poor soul."
"No, this sounds too difficult."
"Oh, you'll help me? Thank you so much. Please enter the Forgotten Fortification in front of you and defea 10 Lost Soul Knights first. My friend Damoth will appear if he knows that his faithful soldiers have been defeated."
"Outstanding! Since they're gone, Damoth will appear to search for them soon. Oh, I have something useful for you. You can use a Rhombus or Pyramid to reinforce your weapon's performance.
"Thank you."


Lost Soul Knights

  • 3750 EXP
  • Weapon Lvl 12 +1


Lost Soul Knights


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