Source NPCEdit

Roger in Ardeca


  • Level Requirement: 8

Sub QuestsEdit

Liberating Wandering Spirits

"When the Grand Fall broke out, Karon‘s demon army flocked to Trieste through the Dimensional Gate. We fought valiantly, but many lives were sacrificed and their spirits are still wandering this realm, enraged at what happened to them. Our fallen soldiers are buried at the Deneb Graveyard in North Ardeca. That graveyard is now flooded with walking skeletons called Skeleton Avengers. Please liberate those poor spirits om this realm."
"That sounds too difficult."
"Thanks you for your help. Please head north to the Tomb of Deneb and defeat the Skeleton Avengers there. Karon bound their spirits to earth, so destroying their bodies is the only way to liberate them from that torture. Please liberate 15 of them, and then report to Siegfried. He's scouting the Forgotten Fortification in East Ardeca."
"I'll go ahead and send him a message about your arrival."
"Ah, you're the warrior that liberated those spirits! Roger told me about you. Thank you for your help. I hope the dead in the Tomb of Deneb can rest in peace now. Please take this small token of our appreciation."
"Thank you, Sir Siegfried."


Liberating Wandering Spirits


Liberating Wandering Spirits


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