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All hot-keys refer to the default Settings.

Character Selection InterfaceEdit

Interface Character Selection

Channel and character selection

  • List of channels
  • List of characters
  • Preview
  • Create/ delete character
Here you can choose the Channel on which you want to play. There are four channels named Divine Valley, Kalibus, Oread and Non_PK. The Non PK channel is a special channel on which you can not be attacked by any other player. Even Duel and DK Square are blocked. To choose a channel select a character first.
The list of characters contains maximum seven of your created characters. Here you can choose the one you want to play with. It is not possible to play with more than one character on the same account at the same time.
Create or delete a character
Described on the Getting Started article see here

Main Menu Edit

  • Options
  • Channel
  • Character
  • Exit Game
Through this menu you can log into another channel without switching to the character menu. If you will not loose party-membership on switching channel.
Return to the character selection interface.

Character InterfaceEdit

To move any of the quick-bars or the quick information window use drag and drop at the right, fluted end of each item.

Shop and MenuEdit

Interface Interface ShopnMenu

Cash Shop and Menu button

Menu Button
Most of the information windows can be opened by using one of the small icons. These icons can be activated by a single click on menu.
Shop Button
You can access the Cash Shop through this button.

Character Quick Information Edit

Interface Character Quick Information

Character Quick Information

  • Amount of shield
  • Amount of health
  • Amount of Mana
  • Level
  • Character name
  • Experience progress
PK-Shield (green bar)
Displays the qualitative amount of shield your character has left in Current Shield/Maximum Shield format.
Heal (red bar)
Stat bar
Health Points (also known as HP) are a measure of how much damage your character can take before it dies. How much health you have is dependant on what class you are, as all classes get a different amount of health bonus each level up, and per Stat Point attributed to Heal. Bagi Warriors generally have the most HP, while Incar Magicians have the least.
Displays the current and the maximum amount heal points your character has.
Mana (blue bar)
To cast a skill Mana is required. Mana Points also known as MP display your Mana in Current Mana Points/Maximum Mana Points format.
Progress of experience
Displays the percentaged progress of your level. If the progress reaches 100% you will level up.

Quick-slots Consumptionals Edit

Interface Quickslots Consumptionals

Quick-slots Consumptionals

  • Quick-slots for consumptionals
Quick-slots for consumptionals
You can place up to ten different consumptionals in this quick-bar. To use one of the consumptionals out of the quick-bar press the referring key.

Quick-slots SkillsEdit

Interface Quickslots Skill

Quick-slots Skills

  • Quickslots for skills
  • Option to un-/ lock skill-bar
  • Display options
Lock or unlock skill-bar
Via click on the lock icon (rosy lock) you can lock or unlock the skill-bar. This is necessary to remove an equipped skill form the skill-bar or change the appearance of the skill-bar.
Add or remove skill
To add a skill drag and drop with the left mouse button the skill from the Skill Overview Window onto the preferred slot of the skill-bar. To remove the skill be sure the skill-bar is unlocked. Just right click on the skill you want to remove from the skill-bar.
Change appearance
To change the appearance of the skills quick-slot bar be sure that the skill-bar is unlocked. The amount of bars displayed at the same can be changed by one click at the small blue eye right above the lock. To suspend one or more bars from toggling with the referred key simply click at the number on the right end of the skill-bar. The colour of background will switch from blue to red if suspended.

Inventory Edit

Interface Inventory


  • First and secondary weapon slot
  • First and secondary equipment
  • Slots for special items
  • Slot for Costume
  • Collected Items
  • Amount of DIL
  • Amount of Purchase Points
  • Button to lock inventory
Veteran's Slot (1)
Place the Veteran's Talisman here.
Wings Slot (2)
Helmet Slot (3)
Pet Slot (4)
If you own a Pet from the Cash Shop place it here.
Mount Slot (5)
Mount tokens must be placed here.
Weapon Slot (6)
Toggle the first and secondary weapon by clicking on I or II.
Earring Slots (7)
Two earrings can be equipped.
Armour Slot (8)
Shield Slot (9)
Place your Shield, Arrows or Bolts here.
Gloves Slot (10)
Ring and Necklace Slots (11)
Four rings or necklaces can be equipped.
Pants Slot (12)
Boots Slot (13)
Bracelet Slot(14)
Two bracelets can be equipped.
Belt Slot (15)
Inventory (16)
Fifty slots per page. To switch to the second page click at the flag named II. The inventory space can be extended by a Cash Shop item.
Switch to second Equipment
To equip the secondary equipment click at the red/blue arrows. If you only want to see the secondary equipment click on the second Equip flag.

Focus Edit

Interface Focus

Focus on an other player

  • Accompany
  • Friend
  • Trade
  • Whisper
  • Party
  • Duel
  • Guild
  • Alliance
  • Party Match
  • Block
  • Report
Open Menu
Click the small triangle to open the focus menu. The triangle only appears if the target character is a playable character. NPCs and Monsters do not have this menu.
Use Accompany to follow the focused character.
Request to Friendlist
Friend sends a friend request to the target character.
Request Trade
Tradestart trading an other playable character.
Use Whisper to sent a personal chat message to the targeted player. Only he can read what you wrote.
Invite to Party
Invite the character to your party by a click on Party. If you do not have a party it will be created.
Request Duel
Use Duel to invite the target player to a duel.
Invite the target player to your guild by the use of Guild.
Alliance sends a request to join your alliance. You and the target player must be guild leaders.
Party Match
Party Match sends a request to start a duel between your party and the opponent party. The target player must be the opponent party leader.
Block adds the focused player to the blacklist.
Report labels the targeted character for game masters to observe in case of violation against the general terms and conditions of Dekaron.

Map Edit

Map name
Displays the name of map that your character is placed.
Focus of the character
The red arrow displays the direction your character is adjusted to.
The NPCs appear as small squares coloured differently.
NPC Shop Shops, NPC Other Quest related and other NPCs, NPC Teleporter Teleporter, NPC Stashkeeper Stashkeeper, NPC Guildmaster Guildmaster, NPC Citychief Chief of city or village (return point)

Mini Map Edit

Interface Minimap

Mini Map

  • In game daytime
  • Coordinates
  • Focus of camera
  • Display options
The small sphere indicates the in game daytime. There is no known effect on the game play.
Coordinates are the exact position your character has on a map. The coordinate consists of a x- and y-variable. The zero point is the top left point of any map.
Focus of camera
The whiten triangle shows the direction you look by moving the view camera.
Display Options
The mini map can be turned off by a single click at ? above the mini map. To display it click at the same icon again.

Map Overview Edit

Interface Map

Big Map

  • List of NPCs
  • Display options
Display map
Press the key adjusted to call the map. Or click at + above the mini map. The Button switches to -. By clicking on it the map will be closed again.
Display Options
Right below the list of NPCs there is a fader to adjust the transparency of the map. This will have no effect on the transparency of the mini map.
Finding a NPC
Choose a NPC you want to be guided to. The NPC will be highlighted on the big map and on the mini map.

Chat System Edit

System Chat Edit

Interface Chat System

System Chat

  • Feedback from the Game
Combat and Game Related (green)
Gives feedback about gained experience, items, DIL, quests and interaction with other players.
Party Related (blue)
Informs you about party related changes or activities.
Game Message (yellow)
Announcements by the Dekaron staff.

User Chat Edit

Interface Chat

User Chat

  • Free Chat
  • Map Chat
  • Party Chat
  • Guild Chat
  • Vice Chat
  • Ally Chat
  • Save Button
  • Social Emotes
  • Chat Help
  • Options
To chat to an specific group of people activate the specific chat by clicking on the related chat button.
Free Chat
For chatting with characters around you start with :.
To start whispering an other player start your chat with "addressee . The player must be online and on same channel.
Map Chat
To shout to all players in the map start chat with !.
Party Chat
Start your chat message with ; to talk to all party members through all channels.
Guild Chat
A chat message started with # will be sent to all guild members on line albeit on what channel they are.
Vice Chat
A chat message started with & can only be read by guild members with the privilege to do so. How to set privileges.
Ally Chat
Start a chat message with $ and all allied who are on line can read it.
Save Button
Saves the chat history. You can find the saved file at %Game Directory%\data\ChatLog the format is DATE_TIME.txt
Chat Help
Pops up a small notification about the different chat commands.
Several changes can be made here. Including background transparency, chat position, chat size and what kind of messages (Guild Chat, Party Chat, ...) can be read in the activated chat.

Messenger and Friends Edit

Interface Chat Messenger


  • Friends
  • Blacklist
Add Friend
There are two ways to send a friend request. Write the name into the messenger and click on Add or send a request via the focus menu.
Send Message
To send a message right click the name and choose Talk The friend must be online to receive the message.
Invite to Party
Right click the name of a friend and choose Party to send a party request. The friend must be on line. If you do not have created a party it will be done automatic.
Delete Friend
To delete a friend click with the right mouse button his name and choose Delete Friend.
Characters on the blacklist can not contact you in any way. Not via messenger nor the chat.

Mailing Edit

Mailbox Edit

Interface Mailing Inbox


  • Mail (Inbox)
  • Send Mail
Find Mailbox
There is a mailbox beside every teleporter in Dekaron.
Check Mails
A golden glowing mail icon at the lower left part on your screen will appear as soon as you can read a new mail. If you are waiting for a mail closing and reopening the mailbox will not speed up the mail to arrive.
Sending an Email
To send a mail choose the flag Send Mail or click left onto an item in your inventory you want to send. Remove the item from mail via click on it. Adjust the amount of DIL you want to send from 0 DIL up to 999.999.999 DIL. A small fee will be taken from your DIL if you use the mailing system. The mail must contain an addressee, a title and a small message or you will not be able to send it.
Type any character name into the field named To or choose one of your friends from the drop down menu. The receiver can be offline. The mail will be stored for 30 Days. If the mail is undeliverable it will be returned to you.

Read Mail Edit

Interface Mailing Mail

Read Mail Dialogue

  • Attachment
  • Attached DIL
  • Message text
Click on to the Attachment to receive the item. Be sure to have enough space in your inventory.
Attached DIL
Click Get DIL to receive the DIL.
Delete Mail
A mail can only be deleted by you if the attachments are taken.

Trading Edit

Trading System

Party Management Edit

Party System