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Class Incar Magician


These priestesses of Incar, also known as Zodiac are passionately driven to acquire knowledqe about maqic and the world‘s truths. They can create magic spells by using only the force Elemental, the most basic element of nature. Incar Magicians strictly focus on elemental maqic and also despise black maqic, which caused the Grand Fall.

“I am a messenger of the Incar.” Incar Magicians shows the powerful magic damages based on 3 elementals, fire, ice and lightning. Energy skill tree also gives buffs and usable status disorder skills. Magicians can use wand or staff, the one they prefer. Unlike other classes, the selection of weapon doesn't effects the skill tree they are able to use. Energy tree skills have buffs that escalates own abilities, and some can even raise abilities of party members. There is also a skill magician can avoid every attacks with a barrier, and can expel an enemy making them not to do a thing. Energy skills are effective as enemies can rarely resist it. Fire elemental skills mostly make the enemies burnt. Burn enemies and decrease health status, and the damage is highest between 3 elements. Ice elemental skills freeze enemies and make them hard to move. Makes the enemy and area into ice status and gains synergy. Lightning elemental skills are based on transfer and shock, which raises the elemental attack or drops the elemental resistance. It is also good to deal combo attacks with other elemental skills.


  • Most AoEs
  • High Damage
  • Great PK/PVP Class


  • Low Defense
  • Low HP
  • High MP Consumption


Armor Weapons Misc

Skill Tree Edit

Skill Energy Mastery Skill Energy Jab Skill Fishing Mastery
Skill Energy Bolt Skill Energy Hammer Skill Mana Force
Skill Spoiled Divinity
Skill Seize Nimbus
Skill Magic Power
Skill Neon Blessing
Skill Shield of Siege
Skill Mind Blessing
Skill Urzer Gain Skill Stasis Orb
Skill Aqua Circle
Skill Helions Blessing
Skill Helions Blessing
Skill Helions Blessing
Skill Fire Mastery
Skill Fire Bolt
Skill Fire Ball
Skill Fire Blaze
Skill Fire Fury
Skill Flame Burning
Skill Blast Phoenix
Skill Infernal Pillar
Skill Flame Gusher
Skill Ice Mastery
Skill Ice Bolt
Skill Ice Wave
Skill Ice Spike
Skill Ice Storm
Skill Ice Blanket
Skill Freezing Spirit
Skill Gracious Eddy
Skill Frost Nova
Skill Lightning Mastery
Skill Lightning Bolt
Skill Chain Lightning
Skill Lightning Chase
Skill Lightning Circle
Skill Cruelty Lightning
Skill Thunder Spear
Skill Emitted Flash
Skill Transfer Lightning
Skill Glawar Skill Gravity Ruin
Skill Elemental Master