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Class Half Bagi




  • Nearly no AoEs with Katars


Rüstung Waffen Sonstiges

Skill TreeEdit

Skill Bash
Skill Great Falchion Mastery
Skill Power Attack
Skill Power Swing
Skill Wild Slash
Skill Wind Strike Skill Earth Divider
Skill Power Dash Skill Furious Brandish
Skill Cyclone Sweep Skill Skull Crusher
Skill Devastating Slash Skill Bust Slash
Skill Uppercut
Skill Katar Mastery
Skill Charge Spin
Skill Charge Strike
Skill Charming Dance
Skill Power Spin Skill Mortal Blow Skill Vampire Dance
Skill Sneak Attack Skill Frenzy Dance
Skill Deadly Blow Skill Passionate Dance
Skill Fury Mastery Skill Fishing Mastery
Skill Fury Control
Skill Berserker Phase 1
Skill Cloven Hoof
Skill Self Injury Skill Berserker Phase 2 Skill Helions Blessing
Skill Fury Shield
Skill Helions Will
Skill Blow or Fury Skill Berserker Phase 3 Skill Helions Convictions
Skill Vitality Drain
Trans Up
Skill Morak Skill Lethal Cutter Skill Fury Blast
Skill Bone Crush