This page contains a list of all known game mechanics used in Dekaron. They will be listed in alphabetical order




A random game mechanic that completely block all damage from the previous attack on a charactor. Its occurance is governed by the Block Rate. This stat can be affected by items or Skills.

Block RateEdit

The the Block Rate affects the chance your character has of blocking any attack.


Critical HitEdit

A Critical Hit is an attack that does, by default, 50% more damage then a standard attack. A Critical Hit is random, and is affected by the Critical Rate of a charactor.

Critical RateEdit

Critical Rate is a random chance you have of performing a Critical Attack. Certian skills, armor pieces, and buffs affect the Critical Rate.

Critical DamageEdit

Critical Damage is how much extra damage a Critical Hit does. By default, this is +50% damage, and any extra damage is determined by a charactor's Vitality.



Death occurs when a player's HP reaches 0. After 12 seconds, the player can return to a Return Point with full HP, Shield, and MP. There are no negative effects of dying, other than being forced to return to the Return Point, and having to teleport or walk back to your previous location.
Death can be reversed by a Segnele using their Revive skill on a targeted dead player, returning a player from death with 1 HP, Shield, and Mana point. The revived player will be brought back to life on spot, and will not have to return to a Return Point. There is also a more advanced version of Revive, ---, which also restores a small amount of HP, MP, and shield upon reviving the dead player.


Dexterity is the primary stat for Segita Hunters. It is also a secondary stat for Azure Knights, Combat Summoners, Alokens, Concerra Summoners, Segneles, Segurpiers , and Bagi Warriors.
Dexterity increases the player's Long-Range Attack, Physical Damage (in some classes) Guard, and Block.


The standard currency in Dekaron. Used to purchase almost anything, and to Teleport. Many people wonder: "What does DIL mean?" Well, DIL is similar to the Spanish word "Dile", which means "Tell." It is also possible that DIL is just a name given by the developers not meant to mean anything. However, the name is conspicuously similar to Final Fantasy's currency, Gil, so this may be a reference to that.
Please edit this page with what it means if you have an idea of what it means.


  • [white] Amount of DIL < 100.000
  • [orange] Amount of DIL ≥ 100.000
  • [turquoise] Amount of DIL ≥ 1.000.000
  • [violet] Amount of DIL ≥ 100.000.000



Experience is a measure of your character's progress in the game, and is determined by Experience Points.

Experience PointEdit

An Experience Point is earned by killing a Monster or completing a Quest. These are earned to achive Level Ups, and a set amount is required to Level Up again.




Guard is a game mechanic that gives you a chance to reduce the damage the previous hit inflicted on you. The Guard Rate can be affected by skills and items

Guard RateEdit

Guard Rate is a measurement of your chances to block part of an enemy's attack, which is by default decreased by 30%. The amount blocked is affected by Vitality.

Guard Damage AbsorptionEdit

The amount of damage that is blocked by a Guard.


Health PointsEdit

Stat bar
Health Points (also known as HP) are a measure of how much damage your character can take before it dies. How much health you have is dependant on what class you are, as all classes get a different amount of health bonus each level up, and per Stat Point attributed to Heal. Bagi Warriors generally have the most HP, while Incar Magicians have the least.


The chance your charactor has of succusfully hitting an opponent with an attack.


Displays your Health Points in Currant HP/Max HP format.



Inclination Points

Inclination PointEdit

Inclination Points are implemented to punish a killer of Helion players. Any player with one or more Inclination Point(s) is Nite, and can be attacked by any other player with no consequences to the other player.
If a player reaches 400 Inclination Points, and is killed or dies, he will be sent to the Prison. They will be forced to stay there until their Inclination Points reach 100 or less. This can be accomplished by either simply waiting for Inclination Points to decrease naturally (about 3 per minute) or by paying 100,000 Dil per 10 Inclination Points points to be released earlier.




Long-Ranged AttackEdit

Long-Ranged Attack is a slightly more rare type of attack, involving ranged attacks as opposed to melee ones, such as shooting an arrow from a Bow.



Any NPC that is hostile towards the charactor; can be killed for Experience points, as well as to progress some Quests.

Mana PointsEdit

To cast a skill Mana is required. Mana Points also known as MP display your Mana in Current Mana Points/Maximum Mana Points format.



Nite is used to describe players who have killed an unwilling Helion player, gaining Inclination Points and are considered evil. Any player with 1 or more Inclination Point(s) is Nite, and can be attacked by any other player with no consequences to the other player. Most AoE skills will not work when used against Helion players, and Piercing, Direct, or Single-Player attacks will always affect a Helion user. A Nite player's character name is coloured red.
Characters with Nite players can also be killed by Guards in lower-level maps, with the Guard dealing a 1-hit kill.



Physical DamageEdit

Pysical Damage also known as Close-Ranged Attack is any damage that you do with your weapon by directly using your body. Most classes do exclusively close-range damage with their skills. All classes are capable of basic melee attacks, despite some being far less efficient than others.


Player Killing

Player KillingEdit

The act of attacking another non-NPC player. Killing the player without them attacking back will cause your PK to increase, as well as giving Inclination Points.




After Death, your charactor will be returned to a Return Point in an act called Ressurection; could also be used to refer to a Segnele's or Segruiper's Revive skills.

Return PointEdit

One of 4 set points in which a character returns to, after a 12 second wait, upon Death, if not revived by a Segnele or Segruiper.



Displays the qualitative amount of shield your character has left in Current Shield/Maximum Shield format.


Shock is a game mechanic, generally applied by using a specific Skill or Monster type, that makes a player unable to move for a set duration. All other actions, such as skill use and inventory Item use are still possible.


A Skill is a special ability that is class-specific, and has various effects; from applying a buff to a character, to doing damage to, or applying a Debuff to, an enemy.


Sleep is a game mechanic that totally disables a player for a set duration, preventing the player it is affecting from using skills, inventory Items, moving, or any other actions.


Spirit increases Magic Attack and the maximum Mana Points. It is the primary stat for Incar Magician, Vicious Summoner and Concerra Summoner using Staff, Segurpier and Segnale. It is not a secondary stat for any classes.


Strength is the primary stat for Azure Knights, Combat Summoner, Alokens, and Bagi Warriors.
It is also a secondary stat for Incar Magicians, Domination Summoners, Concerra Summoners, Segrupiers, and Segita Hunters.
Strength increases the player's Physical Damage.


Stun is a game mechanic that totally disables a player for a set duration, preventing the player it is affecting from using skills, inventory Items, moving, or any other actions.





Vitality affects the amount of damage done by Critical Attacks and the amount of damage decreased by Guard.