Fishing Mastery
Skill Fishing Mastery
Lvl-Requirement 1
Weapon-Type Fishing Pole

Become capable of fishing.


Skill Level Unlocked Fishing Area
1 Ardeca
2 Parca Temple
3 Draco Desert
4 Avalon Islands

How to fishEdit


You need the Fishing Mastery and a fishing rod. Visit one of the listed areas above and be sure the fishing skill fits the required level.

Start Fishing

Equip an fishing rod in your weapon-slot, press L and click with the fishing pointer onto water. The Pointer will show you weather you can start fishing of you have to change the spot.

Catching a Fish

Fishing Casting Window

Casting Window

A casting window displays whether getting booty or not. If green bars of the casting window run out, you fail fishing. If you try fishing again as the above 3, a casting starts.
Fishing Fighting Window 1

Fighting Window Pull

Fishing Fighting Window 2

Fighting Window

If booty is caught during casting, a casting window changes into a fighting window. A full-scale battle with booty starts. When booty is caught, click the left button of a mouse or SPACE to reduce physical strength of booty. If loose a left button of a mouse or a space bar, the physical strength of booty increases. Status of booty is divided into red and blue.
  • Blue: General attack status of booty. General attack is done against you. Push mouse button or SPACE at this status.
  • Red: Special attack status by resistance of booty. A resistant attack is done against you. If you pull it upon its resistant attack, durability of a fishing rod will dramatically reduce with a difference by class of booty. Do not push mouse button or SPACE at this status

Receive Fishing MasteryEdit

Fishing skill cannot be learned automatically, and it can only be learned by using a skill book after purchasing it from one of the following NPCs.

{{#ask: pagetype::NPC profession::Fisher | default=No NPCs known for now. | format=ul }}

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