Source NPCEdit

Fionelle in Ardeca


  • Level Requirement: 1

Sub QuestsEdit

Exterminating Moths

Thanks to our magicians, the Marblai Fortress and nearby areas have been purified and arc being restored to their former beauty. Unfortunately, some harmful insects called Moths, whose physical characteristics were mutated by the otherworldly contamination, still remain in the area and are spreading their contaminants in the air. We need to exterminate all those Moths before they undo our work to purify the land. Please exterminate 10 Moths around the Marblai Fortress. I appreciate your help.
Of course, not a problem.
Thank you. Please be careful, though. They might be small, but they carry deadly poison inside their bodie.

Thanks to you, I see fewer Moths around the fortress. It may not possible to drive those Moths to extinction, but this will significantly reduce the contamination in the air. Thank you!
I'm just glad to help.


Exterminating Moths

  • 120 EXP
  • 500 DIL
  • HP Potions 10 EA
  • MP Potions 10 EA


Exterminating Moths

Exterminate 10 Moths and return to Fionelle.