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Welcome to the GlobalDekaron Wiki.

Welcome to the DekaronGlobal wiki! This wiki is dedicated to providing information about the game Dekaron.

Dekaron is a free-to-play Korean MMORPG tht features fast combat, vicious, massive PvP battles, and beautiful and powerful skills. It also features 12 unique, versitile classes. Join today, and fill your destiny as a Dekaron!

If you want to help edit this wikia:

First and foremost:

  • PLEASE make an account, so you can private-message other users and so you can sign your posts. </span>

As to how you can help, you can help by:

  • Making pages for all the red links in the existing pages.
  • Making new pages you think we might need (NO SPAM OR REPEAT PAGES PLEASE)
  • Fixing existing pages if there is something wrong with them, or if you think you can improve them. (NO DEFACING PAGES).

If you don't want to help edit, you can instead help by providing information:

  • Skill damages for all classes,
  • Weapon damages for all classes
  • Pictures for 160 weps
  • Monster information: (damages, healths, resistances, EXP gained, etc.)
  • Item drops (rates and what drops them)
  • Skill cooldowns
  • Skill icon pictures
  • Skill buff/debuff durations/effects


All information should be placed on the appropriate talk page, or on my talk page.



Thanks in advance for making this Heron's Knowledgebase.

Dahalonut 11:29, June 18, 2012 (UTC)

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