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Death - DescriptionEdit

Death occurs when a player's HP reaches 0. After 12 seconds, the player can return to a Return Point with full HP, Shield, and MP. There are no negative effects of dying, other than being forced to return to the Return Point, and having to teleport or walk back to your previous location.
Death can be reversed by a Segnele using their Revive skill on a targeted dead player, returning a player from death with 1 HP, Shield, and Mana point. The revived player will be brought back to life on spot, and will not have to return to a Return Point. There is also a more advanced version of Revive, ---, which also restores a small amount of HP, MP, and shield upon reviving the dead player.
Segnales are unique in that instead of returning to a Return Point, they can resurrect themselves on the spot with about 20% HP, Mana and Shield after a certain level. This self-resurrection, however, costs one Redemption Seed, and cannot be used if the Segnele runs out. If the Segnele dies and has no Redemption Seed, or is too low, they will have to return to a Return Point.

Tips on Not Dying:Edit

  • Don't let your HP get too low. Keep your HP up by using Health Potions, healing Skills, or by having a Segnale heal you.
  • Do not engage in a PvP/PK battle you know you cannot win.
  • Do not engage a large group of Monsters that are out of your Training Zone unless you have help from a higher player, or you will likely die. (This tip is mostly for lower-level players)
  • Get in a party. with more targets and more attacks being thrown out, you won't take as much damage then if you were alone.
  • Party with a Segnele whenever possible, as an experienced one will keep you healed, will provide very valuable buffs, and will provide additional damage and curses to weaken enemies.
  • Sometimes you will come in the bad Situation having less HP and less Mana. If you don't use HP Potion you will die and if you don't use a Mana Potion you won't be able to cast Skill and using HP Potion would be a waste. In this situation a Fish might help