Source NPCEdit

Roger in Ardeca


  • Level Requirement: 7

Sub QuestsEdit

Dark Avenger

"Northwest of Ardeca is a giant pit that is infested by dreadful demons. It's called the Hole of Darkness, where the demon Dark Avenger is commanding Dark Imps to perform rituals and summon demons from the Otherworld. Dark Avenger is also researching necromancy and black magic to turn members of the purification ritual into demons. Please eliminate those demons before they turn us into their slaves!"
"You can count on me."
"I'm not fighting demons. That's crazy!"
"I'm surprised that you so readily agreed to help us. Thank you. When you head Northwest from this Tower of Guard, you'll arrive at the Hole of Darkness. Please subjugate 10 Dark Imps and Dark Avenger. They're formidable enemies, so please be careful."
"Don't worry. I'll be right back."
"You‘re amazing! That was incredibly difficult, even for us Blue Knights at the Tower of Guard. Please give me a moment. I'd like to repay you for your favor. I have a weapon that might be useful for you."


Dark Avenger

  • 1750 EXP
  • Weapon Lvl 7 with one slot


Dark Avenger


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