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DIL - DescriptionEdit

The standard currency in Dekaron. Used to purchase almost anything, and to Teleport. Many people wonder: "What does DIL mean?" Well, DIL is similar to the Spanish word "Dile", which means "Tell." It is also possible that DIL is just a name given by the developers not meant to mean anything. However, the name is conspicuously similar to Final Fantasy's currency, Gil, so this may be a reference to that.
Please edit this page with what it means if you have an idea of what it means.


  • [white] Amount of DIL < 100.000
  • [orange] Amount of DIL ≥ 100.000
  • [turquoise] Amount of DIL ≥ 1.000.000
  • [violet] Amount of DIL ≥ 100.000.000

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