Source NPCEdit

Fredric in Ardeca


  • Level Requirement: 7

Sub QuestsEdit

Corrupt Darkness

"Centuries ago, Trieste faced the biggest crisis in its history because of Karon, one of the twelve gods that created the Humans, the Alokens, and everything else in the world. Karon himself is oyre chaos and destruction. He marched ino this realm with an army of the Otherworld Demons through the Dimensional Gate at the beginning of the Grand Fall, causing irreversible damage to this continent. The Dimensional Gate closed itself before Karon achieved his goal, but his soldiers are now stuck in this realm. They bring chaos everywhere they go, including this place and this Tower of Guard. Molvols are one of the demons attacking the people working on the purification around here."
"I see. I want to help."
"Demons? 1m scared!"
"Oh, really? Thank you so much. Molvols are fairly small, but they're extremely violent and wicked. You can find them east of this Tower of Guard. Please defeat 10 of them, and then report to Roger. He's been wounded by the Molvols, so he'll be happy to hear that you avenged him."
"I'll be right back."
"Fredric told me tat you defeated these Molvols. Thank you so much. I can't be happier after getting wounded by those wicked demons. Please take this as a small token of my appreciation."
"I'm just glad to help. Thank you."


Corrupt Darkness

  • 570 EXP
  • Helmet Lvl 6


Corrupt Darkness


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