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Controls Edit

Typ A Edit

Input by mouse and keyboard.


Via SHIFT + Z you set controls Type A.


First select the skill to perform with you left mouse button from the skill-bar or via the referring hot-key.
To perform the skill click with the right mouse button on the spot where you want to cast it.
Some skills require a vulnerable target in focus.
To cast a single-buff on another character or oneself the target has to be in focus.

Typ B Edit

Input mainly by Keyboard.


Via SHIFT + X you set controls Type B.


To cast a Skill you have to have a target in focus. The skill is cast by the referring hot-key.
To cast a buff on oneself or another character the target must be in your focus.

Battle Systems Edit

Character Status Edit


A Helion player is a player who is "good" and has no Inclination Points and is not in Battle Status. This is the default status for a player, and most time will be spent in this status.

Battle Status

Battle Status is triggered when a Helion player attacks another Helion player or a player already in Battle Status. The player's name is displayed in purple. Any related items (for instance a Summoner's Minions and Chakras) will also be put into Battle Status.


Nite is used to describe players who have killed an unwilling Helion player, gaining Inclination Points and are considered evil. Any player with 1 or more Inclination Point(s) is Nite, and can be attacked by any other player with no consequences to the other player. Most AoE skills will not work when used against Helion players, and Piercing, Direct, or Single-Player attacks will always affect a Helion user. A Nite player's character name is coloured red.
Characters with Nite players can also be killed by Guards in lower-level maps, with the Guard dealing a 1-hit kill.

Inclination Points

Inclination Points are implemented to punish a killer of Helion players. Any player with one or more Inclination Point(s) is Nite, and can be attacked by any other player with no consequences to the other player.
If a player reaches 400 Inclination Points, and is killed or dies, he will be sent to the Prison. They will be forced to stay there until their Inclination Points reach 100 or less. This can be accomplished by either simply waiting for Inclination Points to decrease naturally (about 3 per minute) or by paying 100,000 Dil per 10 Inclination Points points to be released earlier.

Player vs. Environment Edit

Player versus Environment or PvE gameplay, is used to describe when a player is fighting Monsters.

Player vs. Player Edit

Player versus Player or PvP is used to describe a combating between playable characters.
Battle Status
To switch to Battle Status cast an attack onto another playable character while pressing STRG.
A Duel can be started via the Focus-Menu. Outside Safe Areas other people can affect a Duel by the use of STRG-Key.

Party-Match Edit

Interface Party Match


  • Avg Level
  • Mode
  • Map
  • Entry Fee
  • Time Limit of Battle
All characters joining a party-match will be teleported into an arna. To start a party-match the party-leader has to send a request to another party-leader. All members have to confirm via Ready or the match can not be started.
Avg Level
Average Level of characters in your party.
At the moment there is only one mode available. 2012-12-09
There are four different arenas to choose.
  • Undo Stadion
  • Oasis Cartell
  • Secret Arena in Norak
  • Helicita Coloseum
Entry Fee
Every joining player has to pay the adjusted entry fee. The complete amount will be split to the winning party members.
Time Limit of Battle
After the time ran out the party with most damage shared wins.
The requesting Party-Leader has to do the settings and Confirm at the top left. After that is done the members of both parties have to join by choosing Ready. After that the match can be started via Start.

There are multiple damage types in the world of Heron. The people of Haron are able to directly wield natural elements, as well as many other types of magics. There are brutal physical attacks, stunning long-range attacks, and powerful magic-based attacks.

Base Types of Attacks Edit

There are 2 basic types of attack, physical and magical:

Physical Damage Edit

Physical attack is further divided into two sub-categories: Close-Range and Long-Range.
Close-Ranged Attack
Pysical Damage also known as Close-Ranged Attack is any damage that you do with your weapon by directly using your body. Most classes do exclusively close-range damage with their skills. All classes are capable of basic melee attacks, despite some being far less efficient than others.
Long-Ranged Attack
Long-Ranged Attack is a slightly more rare type of attack, involving ranged attacks as opposed to melee ones, such as shooting an arrow from a Bow.

Magical Damage Edit

Magical attack is any damage that you do with magic. mostly Magicians, Domination Summoners and Black Wizards do this type of damage. These attacks generally involve using elements directly, in the Magicians and Black Wizards case, or summoning creatures of a poison-based nature in the case of the Summoners.

Elemental Damage Edit

Beside Physical Damage, all classes in Dekaron (also some monsters), can do element based damage, added to its normal physical/magical damage. For players, this can be accomplished either by wearing certain weapons/equipment on yourself that add extra element based damage, generally through Gems, to your attack, or by using element based skills (fire skills, poison skills etc.).

There are following elements:

  • Fire Damage
  • Ice Damage
  • Lightning Damage
  • Poison Damage
  • Curse Damage
  • Dark Attack Power

Elemental Damage Mechanics

If you use items to increase your element based damage, they will add extra element damage of that type to your regular damage. If your character uses element based skills, the additional damage of same element that you get from items will be added directly to your skill damage.
For example, imagine this scenario: you are wearing a ring on you that adds +20 poison damage and a weapon with an Options that adds +80 poison damage. Using those accessories, you attack an enemy with a poison skill that does 500 damage. This means you will do 500 poison damage + 40 poison damage from ring + 60 poison damage from weapon. If your enemy has 0% resistance to all those elements, outcome damage will be 600 elemental damage.
On the other hand, using an ice skill that does same 500 damage, your accessories won't add on it because its not same element, so outcome damage will be just 500 ice damage from your skill. If you use a normal attack and lets say you do 200 physical damage with your normal attack poison damage will add on that physical attack and your outcome damage will be 200 physical damage +80 poison damage from weapon +20 poison damage from ring, doing 300 damage.

NOTE Real damage in-game isn't so easy to calculate, because:

  • You naturally have a fluctuation of damage between two values, which are shown on your Status Screen.
  • Beside elemental damage, you also do magical/physical damage added based on your magic/physical attack. These values vary a lot based on your equipment's Fortification Level, accessories, the fortification of said accessories, options on your Weapons/ Armor, and Stat Point placement.
  • Some monsters have defense and elemental resistances, just as characters do, which lowers their damage taken.
For these reasons, damage you do on your enemies will never be consistent in every encounter.

Types/Elements by Class Edit

The damage types are as follows, as well as the gems that hold that type of element:

  • While all classes are capable of Close-Range attacks, those listed are classes that use EXCLUSIVELY close-range attacks as their primary attack type.
Type Name Used By Element Gem
Close-Range Alokens, Azure Knights, Bagi Warriors, Half Bagis and Combat Summoners, and Concerra Summoners. Rhombus
Curse Segnale and Seguriper Attack Crystal, Pyramid
Fire Incar Magicians Attack Bead, Pyramid
Ice Incar Magicians Attack Cube, Pyramid
Lightning Incar Magicians Attack Sphere, Pyramid
Long Range Segita Hunters, Seguriper, and Segnales. Rhombus
Poison Vicious Summoner and Concerra Summoners Attack Skull, Pyramid
Dark Magic Black Wizzards Attack Onyx
Pure Magic Incar Magicians, Vicious Summoners, and Concerra Summoners Pyramid