NPC Blake



The following quests are given by Blake


It‘s nice to meet you. My name is Blake and I'm here to assist Dekaron Guilds and Alliances in protecting the Incar Order and Trieste Continent. Feel free to let me know if you need any help.

How to Organize Guild


  • Character Level: 50
  • Organization Fee: 1,000,000 DIL

How to Register Guild Mark


  • Registration Fee: 100,000 DIL

How to Disorganize Guild


  1. Your guild must not be in Guild War.
  2. Your guild mus not be in an Alliance.
  3. Your guild must not be scheduled to perform Siege.
  4. Your guild contains no guilds-man except for you, the guild leader.

How to Organize Alliance


  • Guild Level: 2
  • Organisation Fee: 2,000,000 DIL

How to Register Alliance Mark Conditions

  • Registration Fee: 100,000 DIL

How to Disorganize Alliance Conditions

  • Your Alliance automatically disorganizes when its number of member guilds is two or fewer.
[Guild Organization] I want to organize a Guild
[Observer] Use Undo Observer Mode


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