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Class Black Wizard


Members of the Incar Order walk a different path from others to pursue their strong desire for power. Black Wizards are Incar Magicians specializing in a school of magic that is stronger than Fire Lighting and Ice Magic combined: this is Dark Magic. Having learned about the destructive power of Dark Magic, they started calling themselves Black Wizards and practicing the kind of magic exclusively. “There is no one who can defeat their power of darkness..."


The Black Wizard is a damage-dealing class, capable of dealing out major damage in little time. The Black wizard is smiler in play-style to the Segita Hunter, except without the ability to kite via a speed-buff, instead using skills to avoid or stop their enemies.


  • High number of AOEs
  • High damage
  • Able to self-heal
  • Very self-reliant in PvE
  • Virtually unlimited mana.
  • Skills enable the Wizard to 'kite' away from enemies, and slow them down.
  • Very high magic and Dark resistances


  • High Mana Potion consumption
  • High mana cost for skills
  • Not useful up close.
  • Very low physical defense.


Armor Weapon Misc.

Skill TreeEdit

Skill Energy Shot Skill Fishing Mastery
Skill Energy Counter
Skill Mana Boost
Skill Menacing Spear
Skill Recover Mana
Skill Magic Mastery
Skill Mana Barrier
Skill Energy Power
Skill Raising Mind
Skill Great Mana Barrier
Skill Menacing Blast Skill Decrease Defeat
Skill Helions Blessing
Skill Helions Blessing
Skill Helions Blessing
Skill Dark Mastery Skill Dark Ball
Skill Great D-Sword
Skill Dark Strike
Skill Back Step Shot
Skill Dark Explosion
Skill Dark Crystal
Skill Black Hole Cannon
Skill Dark Tornado
Skill Limit Rush
Skill Hell Gate
Skill Heartache
Skill Death Link
Skill Wide Slow
Skill Raising Vigor
Skill Weakness Arms
Skill Devils Promise Skill Vampiric Touch Skill Weakness Mana Recovery
Skill Devils Power
Skill Weakness Dark Resist
Skill Wide Heartache
Skill Degar Skill Fatal Smile
Skill Dark Thorn Skill Devils Armor